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Fit Lab Max

This fun class is a blend of all of our offerings, so you will get a little taste of strength training, functional bodyweight movements, and conditioning. This is our Crossfit class with scaling for all levels.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey you can experience a challenging, functional, and fun workout!


Want to get strong & toned? In Fit Lab powerlifting we slow down the pace of class, teach proper technique, and focus on lifting weights to build lean muscle that will improve your overall health & fuel fat loss.

Strength is an important complement to the cardio you will get in our other classes, as strength training boosts metabolism, increases bone density and builds lean muscles that fuel fat loss.

Olympic Lifting

This class is specially designed for those that are looking to improve their skill and strength in the Olympic lifts. Time is spent developing correct positions and strength in a safe and supportive environment and is suitable for all levels.

Training these lifts can result in a dramatic improvement in many different athletic pursuits as well as general fitness.


Open Gym

Our gym is open 24/7 with our partnership with the Hybrid AF network that allows our members to access the gym with 1 app any time of the day.


Mobility is the perfect tool to keep you injury free and improve your movement patterns. Enhancing blood flow to targeted muscles will both reduce soreness and stimulate muscle repair.

Add this class to your weekly routine to supplement all of your hard work in the gym and ensure proper recovery.


This fast paced bootcamp style class is a mix of full body strength training, functional bodyweight movements, and conditioning that will help you burn fat, build strength, and make sure you sweat!

These classes will incorporate all types of movements to help you reach your goals! They blend high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, long steady state cardio, short sprints, and many more to keep you moving throughout the whole class.



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