Fit Lab Nutrition Program

Do you struggle with consistency when it comes to your nutrition?

Do you just need some extra accountability to help you stay on track?

Or are you fed up with the conflicting information in the nutrition industry?

Join Jenna Altman at Harvest Coaching for a 6 week program exclusive to FitLab members!

Throughout our 6 weeks together, we will go through simple and sustainable habits that you can implement into your daily life in order to look and feel your best.

Each week we will dive deep into the following habits:

  • Tracking your food & progress
  • Eating lean protein
  • Eating more veggies
  • Incorporating healthy carbs & fats
  • Consuming mainly whole, unprocessed foods
  • Managing stress, sleep, and recovery

For $60, you will receive a habit tracking spreadsheet, weekly emails with educational materials, bi-weekly 60 minute group coaching calls, and access to a private Facebook Group to share your progress and ask questions.

Click the link below to lock in your spot, receive more program details, & get the special discount link to Factor meals.

Jenna Altman

As your coach, I will provide and support you with the necessary tools and practices to make your nutrition fit into your lifestyle, as you build the confidence and knowledge to do so.


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